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Portishead Fans' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Portishead Fans

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[03 Sep 2009|09:40pm]
Oh Portishead, I love thee...Beth would understand me...we'd sit around my table drinking cups of tea...I'd pull out a little Casio keyboard every now and then and show her "row, row, row your boat" and she'd kindy tell me that it was very good and almost like the real "row, row, row your boat" and I'd feel all happy and proud and put the kettle on again. We'd be friends but she'd have to go outside to smoke as she knows I don't like smoking in the house what with Jack and Lucas and everything. She'd tell me about her jilted loves and I'd shake my head disapprovingly while saying things like "he sounds like a right shit"...I'd hold her hand if she got really upset. Oh, and one time, she'd get wrecked on red wine and I'd say "I dont think you should be driving home Beth" and she'd ask me to call a cab but she'd fall asleep on my couch before I could, so I'd get a blanket and drape it over her and make her strong coffee in the morning before I went to work.....good GOD I need to go to sleep.
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[06 Apr 2009|02:12am]

32 icons.
1-17: random/stock images
18-32: Beth Gibbons of Portishead


more here

Must join indie_kicks to see entries.
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Wandering Star (Live) [07 Aug 2008|12:30pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Alright, according to LastFm, there is a live version of Wandering Star floating around somewhere (with 23 thousand listeners!)
Does anyone know where to find it? Does anyone HAVE it and would like to share?
Please or Thank You, not sure which.

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Abandoned Toys [13 Mar 2008|03:10pm]


If you don't already own this album, you should really pick it up. It is some awesome downtempo music.

Abandoned Toys
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Hello, [22 Dec 2007|11:12am]
[ mood | amused ]

I'm new here and very excited about the new album. Below is a link to mp3's from ATP that someone shared on LastFM. It has 5 new songs included with pretty decent sound quality for live recordings.


(Ex-claimer: someone informed me that there were potential adware or spyware attached to this. I didn't have that happen when i downloaded it but someone may have better detecting software than I do. Download at own risk.)

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[16 Dec 2007|11:41pm]

hey guys :)

while i'm not a big fan of portishead, my roommate is. recently she recorded her own interpretation of the song "half day closing". it's rather... interesting if you know how the song originally goes. it makes me LOL actually :)

here it is:

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Portishead confirm comeback [29 Nov 2007|01:55pm]

Portishead will release their first new album in a decade next year, they have confirmed.

Ten years after their self-titled second record, Geoff Barrow, Beth Gibbons and Adrian Utley finally look set to return with new material.

According to reports, the currently untitled LP will hit stores on March 31. There are no other details, although it is expected to come out on Island Records.

As previously reported, Barrow, Gibbons and Utley curate "All Tomorrows Parties' Nightmare Before Christmas" next month, playing a rare show of their own.

Taking place in Minehead on December 07+08+09, The Horrors, GZA, Aphex Twin, Ladytron, Black Mountain, Julian Cope and Malcolm Middleton are also on the bill.
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All Tomorrow's Parties [22 May 2007|05:52am]

Portishead are to be the next curators and will be performing exclusively at All Tomorrow's Parties, Nightmare Before Christmas in December 2007.

They will be playing their first full live set featuring new material in nearly 10 years at the event which is set for December 7, 8 & 9 at Butlins Holiday Camp at Minehead.

"We have always loved the All Tomorrow's Parties set up and we're happy our first shows will be there. It's great to have the opportunity to introduce bands we love or have influenced us. We've chosen a diverse collection of artists to play with us and we're really looking forward to it" - [P] said.

Details of the line up will be announced at the All Tomorrow's Parties site www.atpfestival.com where you'll also find details of how to buy tickets, accomodation available and how to get there.
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Portishead live February 2007 in Bristol [09 Mar 2007|02:24am]

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[21 Oct 2006|02:12pm]


Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, ER, Portishead and Cocteau Twins icons here
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[10 Sep 2006|02:49am]

Hi, I hope this is allowed.

Just wanted to let any music lovers from the Northwest of the UK, from Blackpool to Betws-y-coed, know that there is a new community for you.

It's called uk_nw_music.

It is open for all kinds of musical discussion, from finding bandmates to talking about new albums to finding your local youth orchestra. So basically anything music-related, whatever the angle.

x-posted lots.
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its a funny time of year... [02 Aug 2006|10:49am]


beth gibbons
live berlin 2003

@ musicisart

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[18 Jul 2006|11:39am]

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[23 May 2006|01:32pm]

Can anyone help with the first question I made on this community? I've tried looking everywhere else, so I'm hoping a Portishead fan knows. Thanks!
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БЕЗ ЗВУКА НЕ СМОТРЕТЬ [12 Apr 2006|06:38pm]

Show media Loading...

6,44 КБ
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[25 Mar 2006|02:13pm]
I have been looking everywhere for the portishead cd that contains the earth linger remix, does anyone have/know where i could find it? It's driving me crazy
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[13 Mar 2006|10:27pm]

Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited:
04. Portishead - Requiem For Anna (Un Jour Comme Un Autre - Anna)
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Anyone know if this is real? [13 Feb 2006|09:31pm]

New Album Promo
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[01 Feb 2006|09:24pm]

I've made my own 2 cover versions on Undenied

So...if u need it...i'll glad to give it
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